The New Heart-Centered Evolution

Greetings to all! The global RoseLight Sanctuary project is about educating those who choose to stand as Planetary Champions of Light and to impact the healing of earth and the transformation of human consciousness. How? By using power in a more unique way than ever used before. You can follow us on Twitter @onhi. The Cosmic RoseLight Healing Blog is available for viewing and support of our many Global Sanctuaries. You can email us: Click here for all inquiries.

RoseLight Healing®

Global Evolutionary Educator

This is a unique cosmic spirituality of great power, it was inaugurated and sustained by the spiritual champion Lady Emanuella, in partnership with God’s Will. The Cosmic Rose Light was released to humankind by her in 2005 and it continues to expand on earth today. Emanuella functions as a celestial bridge for the journey of Human Spirit fusing into Universal Divine Spirit. It restores control of one’s universal spirit light and links it to conscious awareness. This bridging of celestial spirit to human spirit contains a different access point directly into the Divine Mind of God giving each person the opportunity for direct interactive partnership with Source. It is remarkably different and constitutes a more evolved (Higher evolution) method of spiritual expansion without the need for spiritual intermediaries. This idea, once considered the height of heresy, is now the more advanced way of our future.  (To continue reading article: Please click here)


RoseLight Healing® Sanctuaries

The RoseLight Healing® is a registered tradmark of (Onhi) One World Heart-Earth/D/B/A/, One World Heart Instittue, Inc. On. For information on the to form a RoseLight Healing® sanctuary in your community, please contact us.

RoseLight Healing ® Sanctuaries with its facilitators and anchors exist in 27 countries worldwide. All the facilitators have multi-member groups. Members pay no fee to participate in this miraculous form of cosmic healing energy. All members are required to sign in agreement to not change or alter the original form of this Divine Healing.  It works no other way.  We would like to extend our heart-felt gratitude to all those people throughout the world who have assisted in making this amazing modality a reality. We encourage those interested in Planetary Healing to join the Global Rose Light Family and help raise the Rose Light in even more countries.  Reach out and connect heart to heart with us in this amazing journey of expanding spirit. We are dedicated to bringing Peace and Healing to our beautiful planet. Click here for the list of countries.

   Seminars and Event Information

Global seminars presented by Emanuella.

. Brazil, Sao Paulo Workshop (Event Filled) Septeber 6th and 7th, 2014
. Ireland, Limerick November 27 - 30, 2014
. Ireland, Cork December 3 - 4, 6 - 7, 2014
. Australia, Brisbane August 29-30, 2015
. Ireland Seminar September 2013
. Ireland Seminar Cork 2011
. Ireland Limerick 2011 Evening Workshop
. Australia Seminar April 2011
. Chicago Workshop February 2010
. Ireland Cork Seminar September 2010
. Los Angles Workshop 2009
. Ireland Dublin 2009 Golden Heart Ascension Seminar
. Eugene Oregon 2008 Golden Heart Ascension Workshop
. Miami 2007 Golden Heart Ascension Workshop

If you like to host Emanuella in your community or city, please contact us.

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